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Immigration Detention, Bail and Removal

If you have been detained, require bail or are facing removal, JC Immigration are here to assist you. We understand and appreciate that you and your family will be frightened, anxious, unsure of the future, unaware and distressed. You can count on us to work with the Home Office on your behalf, ensuring your case is heard and any issues properly addressed.

What we can do for you:

  • We will take detailed instructions from you and your family/friends relating to your immigration history;
  • Highlight any strengths and/or weaknesses in your individual circumstances (and hence try to overcome wherever possible);
  • Liaise with the Home Office, Chief Immigration Officer and the Courts on your behalf;
  • Prepare detailed representations to the Home Office for Temporary Admission (to the UK);
  • Prepare your Statement of Additional Grounds (in response to arguments raised by the Home Office);
  • Prepare detailed responses to any correspondence received from the Home Office (throughout the process);
  • Prepare Court bail application to include grounds, bundle, instructions to counsel and statements for the sureties and detainee;
  • Advise any sureties regarding their duties and any potential problems and prepare them for a the bail hearing;
  • Continue to liaise with all concerned parties throughout the process.

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