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Entry Clearance Applications

Any application made for a UK Visa from abroad has to be made to a British High Commission (or Consulate) in the relevant country abroad. If there is no High Commission then at the nearest port.

If you are outside the UK and want to come (to the UK) on the basis of marriage, as a fiancé/e, civil partner, unmarried partner, for work, as a student, dependant family member, family visitor, child visitor, business visitor, sports visitor, family reunion you will need to obtain entry clearance (to be admitted to the UK).

We have an extremely high success rate in obtaining entry clearance (to the UK) in without the need for the matter to go to appeal. We have particular expertise in dealing with complex, (compelling and compassionate) matters where there are issues such as a previous overstayer wanting to regain entry to the UK, applicants with disabilities, applicants who fall short on any financial (or other) requirements, applicants who have children/British children in the UK. We will always give you clear, concise and honest advice with a view to achieving a successful outcome on your behalf.

What we can do for you:

  • Take detailed instructions from you with a view to assessing your case;
  • Advising of the relevant laws and procedures;
  • Advise you of all the documents needed in order to succeed with an application;
  • Prepare the online application;
  • Prepare/draft the relevant Appendix, if applicable;
  • Prepare a detailed Sponsorship Declaration (in support of the application);
  • Certify copies of any original documents on behalf of an applicant’s sponsor in the UK (certified copies are an acceptable substitute where the sponsor who resides in the UK needs to hold onto certain original documents, such as passport); and
  • Prepare (a detailed) covering letter highlighting all the relevant facts, rules and law relating to your application.

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