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Family & General Visitor Applications

Here at JC immigration we can assist in the preparation of any family or general visitor visa applications. We understand the complexity and emotions involved in trying to bring your foreign-born spouse and/or family members to the UK to join you (and we endeavour to make this journey as smooth as possible for both you and your family). If your spouse and/or family members come from outside the EEA, then they will need to apply for visas to enter and remain in the UK.

What we can do for you

  • Take detailed instructions about your situation;
  • Advise according to (Appendix V of the Immigration Rules) Appendix FM and other relevant laws, what the requirements are;
  • Advise you on the potential pitfalls in submitting an application;
  • Advise about matters such as the English Language test, how to meet the financial requirements etc;
  • Prepare the on line application;
  • Prepare a detailed Sponsorship Declaration;
  • Prepare detailed covering letter covering all the legal and factual issues;
  • Submit the application;
  • Liaise with the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) once the application has been submitted;
  • Advise on follow up steps once a decision has been made;
  • Follow up the ECO to implement a decision; and
  • In the event of a refusal advise on the right of and grounds for appeal.

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