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Human Rights Applications

At JC Immigration we have a team of specialist accredited advisors who specialise in human rights. If you are unable to return to your country because you have spent a considerable amount of time in the UK and you believe that you have established strong ties to the UK then we can advise on the best application to submit. We can advise on the best available options to someone in your circumstances to obtain a visa on the basis of your human rights, such as your Article 8 right to respect of your family and private life, or Article 3 right which prohibits you from being subject to torture, or inhuman and degrading treatment. We can assist in submitting applications to stay in the UK based on your ties to the UK and human rights violations, applications based on Article 8 Violation of Respect to Your Family and Private Life in the UK, fresh claim applications on asylum or human rights grounds, applications for children and young people subject to immigration control, applications for victims of domestic violence, rape, trafficking, sexual orientation and FGM, Human Rights applications based on 7 year children’s policy and applications based on being the sole carer of a British child/British person in the UK.

What we can do for you:

  • We will carry out a detailed assessment of your case and in doing so identify what grounds you have, if any, to submit an application;
  • We will carefully and meticulously consider your documents and ensure that you obtain the correct evidence to help support and strengthen your case;
  • Draft, Review and Prepare your Human Rights Application;
  • We will do our best to ensure that your application is considered and decided in a correct and timely fashion;
  • We will take you through the process and advise of what documents will be needed in order to succeed with the application. Our advisers can accommodate all languages and dialects as we have a network of translators to assist us in offering the best legal advice and services to all our client;
  • Liaise with the Home Office throughout the process; and
  • Keep you informed and updated throughout.

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