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Indefinite Leave to Remain

Our team at JC Immigration thrive on our high success rate for Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. We ensure that each case and application is well prepared and well evidenced which meets the requirements of the immigration rules and leaves no stone unturned and no reason for the Home Office to refuse.

Our immigration services for Indefinite Leave To Remain are as follows:

  • ILR on the basis of 10 Years Long Residence;
  • ILR on the basis of 20 Years Long Residence;
  • ILR on the basis of being a spouse/civil partner;
  • ILR on the basis of being a unmarried partner/same sex partner;
  • ILR on the basis of being a victim of Domestic Violence;
  • ILR on the basis of being a Bereaved Partner;
  • ILR as Adult Dependant Relative (Entry Clearance Application);
  • ILR on the basis of family settlement & Children;
  • ILR as a Dependent Child;
  • ILR as Work Permit Holder;
  • ILR - As A Refugee; and
  • ILR based on any other grounds.

If the application is refused for whatever reason we would guide you through the appeals process (and how to overcome any issues raised by the Home Office).

What we can do for you:

  • A member of our immigration team will assess your eligibility for ILR by considering the minimum period of time that you are required to hold (lawful) residence in the UK before applying for ILR. This period of time depends on the type of visa you hold and depends on the following factors such as: Your visa category, your ability to maintain yourself financially, your marital status and if you have a partner, their nationality, your immigration history;
  • We will take detailed instructions from you to assess the likelihood of success in any application for ILR;
  • We will advise what, if any, further documents you would require in order to succeed with any potential application;
  • We would advise of any pitfalls in your case and advise on how to rectify them;
  • We would prepare in great detail any application for submission and keep you informed of any developments throughout the process;
  • We will talk you through the relevant form and explain the appropriate fee and evidence to prepare in your particular case.
  • Prepare a detailed covering letter highlighting all the relevant law and procedure and factual information;
  • Liaise with the Home Office throughout the process and keep you informed of any updates.

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